The World's Fastest Ducting

EASY TO INSTALL: No rivets, screws, tools, or welding needed. Just clamp together by hand.
LEAK-TIGHT Laser Welded Ducting Seams
TOUGH AND DURABLE: Available in galvanized and stainless steel.

Automatic Blast Gate

Automatic energy saving blast gates operated by double-acting compressed air cylinders. Cylinders are controlled by electrically-connected solenoid to machines or remote switch.

Diverter Valve Manual

High efficiency, economical method of diverting flow of material or air, constructed of heavy 3/16" thick and painted metal, with welded seams.

Sliding Access Panel

Our Sliding Access Panel (SAP) allows users easy, tool-free ducting access to clean out any clogs or gain access to spark detection/suppression equipment.

Mist Recycler

The Mist Recycler (MR) can extend filter media life, reduce maintenance costs and decrease issues caused by capturing and transporting large volumes of liquids to the collector.

Floor Sweep

Ducting for quick and effective floor cleaning. Galvanized sheet metal with sturdy closing door and 22 gauge body.

Beam Clamp

Speed up connection of pipe bracing to building steel members with this hardy piece of metalwork. Available in galvanized and stainless steel, with a 3/8" diam. Threaded hole.

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